Update: #COVID-19

Crisis Support for Businesses & Employees

As an effect of the current pandemic and in this climate of uncertainty, many businesses are forced to consider questions, such as:

 · Do they need to lay off staff?
 · Will they be able to make it through this crisis and if so how?
 · Does their business model have to change?
 · Are investment rounds dead?
 · Are there funding mechanisms to tie them over?


In parallel, their employees are also facing stress and anxiety about infection, job security, isolation.
Essentially, the question we all struggle with is how to respond; DO or DON’T panic?

Our clients use us as a sounding board, a mentor and a hands-on partner. As Avanoa has a long-standing experience of crisis management; for the past week, we have received between 5-10 phone calls daily from clients asking us to help them with these questions. We cannot sit by idly. We have therefore created a multidisciplinary task team to provide digital crisis management support.

Our crisis team is highly qualified and experienced, and ready to respond.

Who are we?
 · Business development and funding managers
 · Business and crisis coaches
 · Clinical Psychologists and therapists

How can we help?
To businesses: we can offer a holistic support service that tackles finances, business models, health and mental health as a system.
For employees: we can offer support in dealing with uncertainty, stress, anxiety and any other emotional distress.

It’s about creating new opportunities and getting back to ‘Business-as-Usual’ whilst developing occupational and personal resilience in the face of real economic and health uncertainties.

Let’s rethink the world together and beat this crisis!

Contact details:
+ 46 705-24 24 02 / info@avanoa.se

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