As Avanoa turns four in September 2020, it has attracted 197 M€ (2 bn SEK) in funding for clients. With a 73% success rate in the last financial year, it currently manages a portfolio of 78 M€ (804 MSEK). The Managing Director, Elke Rosiers, opines, ‘EU and the member states have pushed billions in innovation funding and more is expected through the new framework programme, Horizon Europe. With this backdrop, Avanoa helps clients accelerate their technology and commercialization strategy by securing a mix of public and private capital. Our experience in raising funds, knowledge of compliance and legalities, and project management; has made Avanoa a name to reckon with in the European market.’

In 2016, driven by the innovation scene in Gothenburg, and an organic demand for professional fund-raising services, Elke founded Avanoa. An internationally diverse team with experience spanning multiple sectors was constituted and since then it has been an upward ride. The company has evolved from being ‘just’ another project management advisory, to an active scout of funding opportunities, leading the process of proposal generation, and then managing the execution. Now, the base offering has been topped-up with ‘crisis management’ to help projects in crisis – suffering regulatory compliance issues, missing deadlines or pivoting to new business models. A new vertical that focuses on growth and resilience, during crisis times, has been structured. 

David Åsenhielm, COO, says,

At Avanoa, advancement and innovation meet passion, drive and commitment. We make all our resources available to clients and act on their behalf as if their ambitions were our own. We believe in trust, honesty, competence and dedication. This is what shines through in our results.

The carefully chosen name Avanoa truly encapsulates the intent to advance, innovate and grow! It means ‘Opportunity’ in Samoan. It is also a combination of the Sanskrit word ‘Avasar’ for opportunity, and ‘Noa’ implying newness, motion in Hebrew, love in Japanese, and intent in Arabic. This fusion is not just a linguistic play, but also an expression of the company’s approach.   

About Avanoa

Avanoa helps start-ups, established organizations, and public-private partnerships, to secure funding. The idea is to attract capital - public or private, to capital-needy companies and projects, without excessive dilution whilst enabling them to focus on their core business. With extensive experience in fund-raising and managing large projects, Avanoa can advise clients on regulatory compliance, and as a team member ease their administrative burden.

Contact: Elke Rosiers, +46 737 63 22 93,